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War Castles - Military Insider - Robert-Leroy:Horton -PART I Updated Version -- TRANSCRIPT -- The Greatest Hidden Secret in American History 

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The Greatest Hidden Secret in the History of the United States - Part I. Part II here.
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The GREATEST Secret in the History of the USA!  Stick to this and read it ALL.

In 1999 the United States was quietly being taken over by Great Britain. A vigilant patriot named Russell-Jay:Gould recognized the threat and in a series of strategic moves he saved us from Foreign invasion. He took control of Title IV of the US Flag and logged it in to the United Nations becoming Sovereign Successor to Great Britain.

When the political dust settled, Russell-Jay:Gould had taken over several high ranking Government positions.


When this occurred it really alerted our Countries true terrorists – Bush, Rumsfield, Clinton’s and Obama’s.

Russull-Jay:Gould introduced a new language called the “Now Time Quantum Grammar.”

0. CONJUNCTION – and/or
1. ADVERB – Modifier.
2. VERB – Thinking.
3. ADJECTIVE – Color, Opinion & Modification.
4. PRONOUN – no, no, no
5. POSITION – ABC- Word Spelling – Term.
6. LODIAL – Ownership {Article}
7. FACT – {noun]
8. PAST-TIME – “From” / “ed” suffixes’.
9. FUTURE-TIME – “To” / “Pre”
DVP – Dangling Participle Verb.
NC – No Contract

Russell-Jay:Gould then used this Quantum Language to prove that ALL Legal and Financial Documents were fraudulent.

This saved the United States $17 TRILLION Dollars in Debt.

Russell-Jay:Gould redesigned the Periodic Table of Elements. His work was referred to as Extra Terrestrial Technology and Genius.

BUT – as a reward for this – he was arrested and tortured by the very Government he just saved.

Russell-Jay:Gould rescued the Free World but we didn’t even notice. Why? Because things have been kept from us from the greedy corrupt who really have the power in the United States.

Now for the incredible story of Russell-Jay:Gould - How in the hell has this been kept secret?

In the year 2007 the mortgage crisis hit the United States. Robert-Leroy:Horton who worked at the Pentagon wondered how this mortgage crisis started he along with some buddies began researching because they had all the resources at hand to do this. They just wondered “what in the heck really happened in this Mortgage Crisis?”

After a few months of digging they ran across the names of Judge: David-Wynn:Miller and Russell-Jay:Gould. They discovered just what these two had done to the mortgage industry and were responsible for.

They discovered that they had syntaxed the mortgage contracts and found them all to be 100% grammatical fraud. This was a huge eye opener.

So it wasn’t the Sub-Prime lending that caused the crash but was that these two had syntaxed the mortgage contracts and found them 100% grammatical fraud.

So when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac found this out – they immediately bundled these up and sold them to Bank of America. So 3 days later Bank of America found out that they had just been swindled and had just bought all these mortgages that was just a bunch of BAD paper – they immediately sold them to Wells Fargo. Then Wells Fargo found out and the fire sales began.

So with that – they wanted to know who was Russell-Jay: Gould and David-Wynn:Miller?

There was a grammar key on the mortgages that had been syntaxed that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had. There was a syntax or a grammar key on the side of the contracts.

Ok, we know how syntax works and that there was grammatical fraud going on but what gave this syntax key power or authority to syntax that document?

It was with this that they uncovered the Largest National Security Secret in this Nations History if not the World itself.

So this led them down several rabbit holes. First they had to go back to the beginning of U.S. or American History to figure out what in the world was going on because this goes back that far.

So they went all the way back to the start of the 13 Colonies – the Original First Bankruptcy of the United States and that is what this ALL stems from – is that very first bankruptcy of the U.S.

When the 13 colonies was fighting for their freedom from the British Crown there was a Post Office in Philadelphia called the Benjamin Franklin Post Office. This Post Office was open until the war started.

All war VACATES contracts. Because the 13 colonies were not yet a nation of their own they had to close this Post Office down because they were fighting for that National Statehood.

After the American Revolution that Post Office couldn’t be opened back up because it was in a state of bankruptcy. It owed 1.6 Million Francs to the French for the funding of the American Revolution.

At this point Spain and France argued about who was going to put the Post Master General here in the Colonies to open it up to commerce.

Why is this so important?

Spain argued that it had found America first with Christopher Columbus. So Spain thought that they had rights to it.

France argued that without loaning the 1.6 Million Francs to fund the war that America wouldn’t even be open for capture.

But – The King of Great Britain still being the Reigning Monarch of the World told Spain and France “I’m still the Reigning Monarch of the World and I’m going to put my Post Office up there and those are my people.”

So when they went back and looked at American History they could see that Founders of the Republic talked about that. They would of much rather chose Great Britain as opposed to Spain or France because they were used to Great Britain’s wiles and were used to or familiarized with how that Monarch operated.

So the founders decided it was best to work with the Monarch because they knew how he operated and knew the wiles of operation and how the construct worked. They did not know much about Spain or France so the founders chose Great Britain.

So they made a Joinder Agreement with Great Britain and decided to put the Post Office in Washington D.C. This Post Office was owned by Great Britain.

Washington D.C. is a Foreign Enclave of the United States. It has never been part of the United States.

This Post Office was opened up in Washington D.C. as a foreign enclave because it was a Post Office for Great Britain.

So what does this mean?

It means that the King of Great Britain opened up business here in the United States to the rest of the world. All business commerce had to go through the Post Office. This meant that other Monarchs had to deal with Great Britain if they thought they could just come here and rape and pillage.

So EVERYTHING that was shipped here – the Monarch of Great Britain received a piece of.

So this was the FIRST Bankruptcy when the 13 Colonies borrowed 1.6 Million Francs from the French.

The second bankruptcy started when Abraham Lincoln borrowed money from the IMF World Bank.

The Founding Fathers of America had a pact (Gentleman’s Agreement between themselves) that said they would NEVER borrow any money from the IMF and the World Bank and this is because the IMF and World Bank owe NO Allegiance to one particular Monarch.

The agreement was that they would ONLY borrow money from other Monarchs because Monarchs are only as powerful as their Army’s. If they stayed in contract with two Monarchs at the same time if one of the Monarchs decided to invade the Colonies the one Monarch would have to concur with the other Monarch so they didn’t mess with something the other Monarch had going on. Kind of a brilliant strategy to have. This would give the Colonies time to figure out how to react if something like this was to ever occur.

At a later time going through the Historical Records they ran into the Civil War and found out that Abraham Lincoln (after the colonies had dissolved and broke in half and there was no more United States as they were divided into North vs South – two separate Countries. The South did raise it’s flag and recognize itself as it’s own state) – but Abraham Lincoln violated the pact. He borrowed money from the IMF and the World Bank. So he violated that Gentleman’s Agreement of never borrowing from the IMF or World Bank.

When Abraham Lincoln did this it initiated the Second International Bankruptcy.

This led to 1933 – the third and final bankruptcy and the Depression with the Crash of 1929 stock market.

From there this is all laid out historically what happened in relations to this Syntax Key that had been placed on these mortgage contracts.

This is how far back they had to track to discover what gave this Syntax Key the Power be utilized on these mortgage contracts to conduct the syntax in the manner it was conducted – with sole purpose to VALIDATE that these contracts were all Grammatical Fraud and Baker Fraud.

Once they had backtracked that key and found out how it was given the Authority to be placed on that contract – they ran across the Largest Security Secret in United States History – if not the World!

So this led them into the Birth Certificate and how the birth certificate system even was started here in America.

People are used as collateral to other nations because our nation is bankrupt. The United States declared bankruptcy on March 9th, 1933.

At this point the U.S. began taking out loans from a Private Non-Government Affiliated Corporation called the Federal Reserve.

With NO money to pay back the loans the United States began using the Citizens as collateral.

This was in 1933 – the beginning of the THIRD and Final International Bankruptcy.

At that point they discovered that the United States owed so much money to the IMF and World Bank for what President Lincoln had done that President Roosevelt had to give up ALL of the Gold that was here in the United States to pay off all of the debt to the IMF and the World Bank. The United States was completely BROKE – NO money.

So what did they do?

They devised the Birth Certificate System. This made the people themselves the Gold Bars. The people – Birth Certificates were “built” for taxes to pay off the remaining debts owed and future debts incurred.

This Birth Certificate System came to an end on November 2nd, 1999. The entire system came to an end. It was with this that they uncovered the largest National Security Secret EVER kept in American History and possibly World History.

We still don’t know why it’s been kept a secret. We understand now why it has been kept a secret and that is because the Deep State is in charge. We understand who the Deep State is and how they operate and this is the largest secret of the Deep State.

Now this secret will be revealed because we know what the hell happened.

OK – so you think it is the Birth Certificate – so what – so they used the people as collateral to create an income off of so they could substantiate the wealth that was necessary to go ahead get us through the administrative ordeals as a nation.

As they researched deeper into what the Birth Certificate system was – they found that this was attached to the largest Warfare Platform in the world. It was essentially created to go ahead and capture everybody on the planet as Chattel (property or slaves).

This was their plan on how they were going to create their wealth – off the sweat of everyone’s backs.

So this led them to the Vatican, London City and the Pentagon. Those were the three locations on Earth – the 3 War Castles so to speak that substantiated the Empire of the Three City States – (the states the run the entire World). *Research the Empire of the Three City States and find out exactly what this is.

When they looked at the Vatican – the Esotericism – the esoteric symbolism behind this was incredible. It wreaked of esoteric knowledge. The symbols were everywhere.

When you look down at the Vatican you see a Keyhole and a Phallus in the center. You see the timelines and the shipping lanes coming off from the center phallus to the doorways. This center is representative of the female womb and the male penis. Now on top around this area you will see a bunch of statue men that surround the entire keyhole. This represents an Orgy. They are waiting their turn to Fuck the World – that is the true meaning around the Vatican. In other words – they are waiting for their turn to be the Pope so they can be in charge of what their in charge of.

What are they claiming to be in charge of?

They are laying claim of being in charge of TIME.

This WARFARE Platform at this location on planet Earth is to Capture Time.

This was demonstrated there by the Gargoyles holding the sands of time horizontally to stop the sands from flowing up and down and they therefore had captured time with the Gregorian Calendar.

The Gregorian Calendar tells you what day Monday is what day Tuesday is, Wednesday and so forth. This is the calendar that ALL the stock markets around the world use to pay out to. ALL shipping and commerce moves by this Gregorian calendar.

They discovered that they have NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ, they have NOTHING to do with God, they literally watch the movements all of shipments and commerce. They claim they have Heavenly Authorizations to be in Command and Control of those Shipping Lanes and those Timelines.

So basically they watch the shipment and movement of all monies – all commerce and all cargo on the Planet – INCLUDING the Military cargos and transport of troops because you cannot move the Military without money being moved somewhere first.

These guys know where the wars are going to be, where they are going to start and they know who’s behind them starting them and finishing them off.

So they took a look at how all of this fit together and worked by looking back at these 3 International Bankruptcies.

The THIRD and FINAL National Bankruptcy came to an end in 1999. When this happened the Post Office that Great Britain had opened up in the enclave of Washington D.C. had to close down. The King of Britain had to VACATE the position. The Trustee for the Bankruptcy had always been the President of the United States – that has always been the Administrator for U.S. Bankruptcies – always has been.

Well, with the end of the Third and Final International Bankruptcy the Post Office had close down so we no longer needed a Trustee because there was no more bankruptcy --- BUT this was the long-run Warfare Plan of Great Britain was to use the IMF and World Bank because they knew we were insolvent and unable to pay back the interest that Abe Lincoln had incurred from borrowing the money from the IMF in the first place, so at the END of the third and final International Bankruptcy the King would step in and pay the debt to the IMF and World Bank off and capture the United States back again as part of Great Britain and we’d all become peasants and surfs again.

BUT – the Post Office had to close down and he had to Vacate. During this time he had to vacate their was 18 Days that the Post Office was vacant. During this time Russell-Jay:Gould and :David-Wynn:Miller had seen this whole thing coming.   These guys had seen ALL this coming and were prepared. They had studied the Courts and the Ports and they understood that the Neutral Ports were the Courts and with that – Russell-Jay:Gould understanding what was about to take place – ran to the Pentagon and asked the Pentagon if they had a Patent and Copyright on the Title IV Flag of the United States. The pentagon said “No one’s every asked us before Russ” Russell-Jay: Gould said “it doesn’t matter because the grammar on the contract was all grammar fraud and I’ve Syntaxed and disqualified it and my Country is about to be captured and as an American I have a right to protect my flag against all enemies – Foreign and Domestic – (this was a domestic takeover) so I have captured the flag.” Yep, just like that.

As soon as Russell-Jay:Gould captured the United States flag he ran over to the United Nations and the United Nations says “All the lands on Earth are taken up Russell, which land do you choose?” Russell-Jay:Gould says “I choose the land of the Courts during the Time of the Contract.” This gave Russell-Jay:Gould and :David-Wynn:Miller the Highest and most Powerful Court on Planet Earth.

During this 18 day vacancy he legs back in as Post Master General for the United States and keeps the Continuance of the Evidence of the Post Office open to allow commerce to still be conducted but under HIS Authority and NOT Great Britain’s any longer. So what this means is that he had just succeeding Great Britain as the Sovereign because he was given Sovereignty status by the United Nations that allowed him to authorize ALL commerce and the continuance of that commerce here in the United States.

Now at this very exact time you have the NAVY sitting in Foreign Ports around the World and you have the Florida Chads – if the United States ceased to exist for 90 Days it was DONE. But there was an 18 day period in there where we had NO President.

So – the Navy is sitting in Foreign Ports around the world with NO Country and Russell-Jay: Gould had just taken the Flag – so they had NO Flag either. For this time the War Ships representing NO Country!

This is all chronicled in the Presidential paperwork – anyway – at this time, Bill Clinton was half around the world at Kosovo with the National Security Council at 9:00 AM in the morning he got a phone call from here in the United States telling him that the Title IV Flag had just been captured by :Russell-Jay:Gould and :David-Wynn:Miller. (I bet that was one hell of a shocker to this scum bag.)

It was now their flag and they had just SAVED the United States from this takeover from Great Britain.

This was a 200 year Orchestrated Plan that was completely spoiled by two men – mainly Russell-Jay:Gould.

So the Navy immediately signed on with Russell-Jay:Gould in 2003. He leased the flag to the Navy so the Navy could continue to conduct it’s Commerce – it’s Shipments. So they were still able to ship themselves around the world in a defensive or if needed an offensive posture.

Russell-Jay:Gould had quietly become Commander & Chief of the North American Continent of the United States and also Canada.

So Russell took over as Post Master General of the United States. He took over as the Canada Postmaster General as well and taking control of the entire North American Continent in the process.

So at this time there was whispers about the United States Constitution had come to an end. The people in the Military were being told “there is no constitution any more” and none of them knew what the hell was going on – that’s all they were told.

It wasn’t the actual Constitution that dissolved itself in relation to the Bill of Rights and Freedoms here and the way the Government operates and Legislates in Judicial branches. In relation they were saying there was no more U.S. Constitution – but it wasn’t the REAL Constitution that dissolved but what they were talking about was the Banking Constitution that was Dissolved. This came to an end so we no longer needed a Trustee.

At this time the people of the United States should have been INFORMED and instructed that we need to re-substantiate and re-consolidate the entire Country. We need to pick a new Senate – we need to pick a new Congress – we need to pick (elect) a new President and we have to go through the entire rebuilding process for the United States to move forward in a Quantum manner – because the new Post Master General’s system is ALL Quantum. Russell-Jay: Gould was the only person in the world to set up this Quantum Construct.

Now when Russell took the flag and saved the country from being taken over from Britain – both the Banking System and the Birth Certificate System should have been ceased. So all the children born since 1999 are not supposed to be on the Birth Certificate System.

When they researched the Birth Certificate System they found that to be one of the most nefarious pieces to the Empire of the Three City States Warfare Platform to capture us as chattle or property or basically slaves to the Three City State.

When they took a good look at this – they found out that when you are born on this planet a Registered Nurse will come in and have the parent sign a Birth Certificate and they will inform you that you cannot leave the hospital with the baby until you sign this. Well, this is a lie. They can’t tell you that you can’t leave the hospital without signing a birth certificate. That’s illegal – that’s kidnapping.

The baby’s name is in all Capital letters on the Birth Certificate and when the Mother signs it – she signs it in cursive which is considered necromancy (communication with the dead). The only place you see a person’s name in all capital letters is on a Tombstone where they are dead and buried – a dead entity.

Well – when you are born into this world you are considered a Dead Entity – due to the Shipping War that we are all in. So when that document is signed in cursive you are committing necromancy. So in this massive corporate construct of the Three City Empire – when you sign that you are considered dead or missing or lost at sea. So in their construct you are not even considered ALIVE – they consider you Dead Cargo.

When you look at this in relation to the Esoteric Symbolism behind the Vatican, London City, the P2 Mason Lodges, the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus and the Jezowicz (Vatican Militia) – this group of people are the Secret Lodges on this planet. They utilize this shipping warfare system to conduct commerce around the world.

The bottom line regarding the Birth Certificate System – it is saying that you are owned and just are dead cargo.

Owned by Who?

The Vatican. They claim much, much more than your body – they claim your Soul.  The Vatican is the most evil on this planet.

The Vatican is the Great Whore of Babylon as in the Bible.

This whole system is based on the Maritime and Admiralty of the Sea. All of the corporations on Earth – including the corporations with the Empire of the Three City States especially – contribute to the strengths and existence of this system – this female (Great Whore of Babylon).

What Commander & Chief Russel-Jay: Gould has done with his system is that he created a NOW Time scenario and also created his own Periodical Table Element Chart. His elemental chart was so genius in its construct that it destroyed the previous elemental chart. When it did that it took down the Planets ability to communicate. It just destroyed all the nations ability to communicate with one another in relations to shipping and movement of commerce because they could not create a mathematical equation or fact or zero point to base their sums and differences upon. So it destroyed their ability to communicate with one another.

When Russell-Jay:Gould went back in to establish the position of Post Master General here in the United States to substantiate all commerce he had to open the United States back up to International Trading Commerce and when he did that he had to physically go into the locations on Planet Earth such as the International Trade Organization, World Trade Organization and leg in as the last American standing that had the flag, had a banking constitution, had his own elemental periodic table chart and had to say “Hey, I’m open for business and want to open commerce back up.”

When he went to these giant corporations he disqualified that position because the Syntax was found to be fraudulent, it was grammar fraud in relation to what he had constructed – because he had rebuilt the entire system for communication. The old communication system therefore was destroyed. So he had to go and set all of them back up properly.

The Whore of Babylon (Vatican) which was using International Admiralty and Maritime Law of the Sea to presume everyone missing, dead or lost at sea – going back to Biblical Scripture when Satan accuses man at the front of Throne of God of already being dead. When you further look at the esoterism behind that Satan is attempting to mirror what God did. God then destroyed the world by flood. Lucifer is trying to do the same thing – he is killing all of the people on the planet by saying the people are missing, dead or lost at sea by falsely using the birth certificate system (program). So this esoterism is clearly being demonstrated by the Vatican with what is going on.

This is in plain sight, right out in the open, right in front of all of our faces.

So when Russell-Jay:Gould set the system back up and went to each location – he started at the Universal Postal System in Bern, Switzerland and he said “hey, the charter has been disqualified and I am reopening it up properly and placing myself as the Universal Postal Master General in Bern, Switzerland.”

Each time Russell-Jay-Gould did this he reconstituted the Whore of Babylon. Now you have a mirrored version of what once was, but now it is CORRECT. So he used that whole system – which was the system that the United States was using anyway, but now it is ALL correct. This took down the Global Powers of the planet in the process. This re-substantiated them in correctness. They didn’t go anywhere, they just had to adjust or adopt to the new system that he created. There is NO longer any ability to create contract fraud in that system, you can’t lie, cheat or steal or create a loop hole in that contract because it is a mathematical certified contract. It is perfect grammar – what is says is what it means and what it means is what it says! It is certified forward and backward so they can’t take it to Court and say “what it meant was” or “what it is supposed to mean” or “what it will mean” it is in NOW time – Now being now and 20 years from now. There is no past and future sense in the grammar… it is NOW Time. So it applies now and will apply the same in 100 years down the road. So in a 100 years it will still say “Today” so if you violate the contract it will be obvious and will be a simple Court case. This eliminates the opportunity for fraud and racketeering.

Russell-Jay-Gould: with this concept has taken control of the entire planet. He mirrored or re-substantiated the contract that was there and made it correct. He did this by using grammar correctly and using the true meaning of the word correctly.

The Deep State attempted to get Russell-Jay:Gould to surrender the flag – they beat and tortured him. They were furious that he had done this. They took him into Court because he had Court Marshaled Bush and Cheney along with 500 Admiral and Generals for not immediately jumping on to his plane and immediately initiating the changeover of the new Government to take place all the way down to the Civil level so that all contracts on State and City levels would be operating on this Quantum Grammar Construct so that there could be no more racketeering or money laundering or no way to move pedophiles, money or drugs or anything illegal. The money was going to go where it was supposed to go period. There would be no more borrowing from the School Slush Fund to pay for the Roads. There would be no more borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. All of this would be dissolved and Russell-Jay:Gould wanted this changeover to take effect immediately.

Since they didn’t join with him immediately he started Court Marshaling everybody and was saying “there is no President.” The Florida Chad sideshow was 100% planned and fixed and Bush was NOT elected President but he was appointed President. This is why you hear Trump today saying it was all rigged and it was all fraud and were going to end it.

Bush, Clinton and Obama were all placed in the Presidency by the New World Order. By the Deep State Shadow Government apparatus. They have been trying to capture the world and place everybody under the birth certificate system.

Russell-Jay:Gould made a big mistake. Because he did everything so rapidly – he didn’t have time to alert the NCO – Non Commissioned Officer and Chain of Command and tell them what was going on – that they are going to allow the bankruptcy and they are going to capture the flag and raise the British Flag and capture you all as Chattel again, they are going to seize your guns and put FEMA camps in place (Obama was coming for everyone and Thank God we didn’t get Hillary Clinton in office because she was the final stake in the heart.)

The Double Speak that this New World Order is using – going back to look at the tapes of President Bush Sr. When he said “we need to create laws that will protect the weak from strong – a world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.” Well, he wasn’t talking to the American people – he was talking to his bosses – saying I am going to create a system that protects us and they will worship us. Or when he said “We will forge a New World Order, a world where the rule of the law, not the law of the jungle Governs the conduct of nations” he wasn’t talking to the American people with that smirk on his face – he was talking to his bosses. He was saying “we just took complete control.” When he was talking about “weak people” he was referring to the New World Order being of so many FEW. The people are the STRONG ones who have no desire for this type of Apparatus.

The people know what’s coming – we have the playbook – The Bible – it tells us what they are up to and what they are doing. When Bush SR was talking about Freedom and Peace he was talking about them having the Freedom and Peace to do and say whatever they want to us. He was saying that we will now be able to make our own laws freely and peacefully without any resistance. This is the Double Speech this guys are using and it is very, very nefarious. So they were not talking to the American people they were talking to their bosses in the background.

With Russell-Jay:Gould’s system – he has taken that power out of their hands. The entire International Maritime Law of the Sea system was re-written and Quantumized everything into a mathematical grammatical fact which disqualified the old system because it was all grammar fraud. So he has taken tactical command and control of the entire system and taken it away from these corrupt thugs – like taking matches from a little child and spanking him on the backside for trying to burn the house down – this is exactly what Russell-Jay: Gould has done.

In relation to a New World Order Government – Commander & Chief Gould’s system stopped the old system from happening. For doing this – for what he had done was so great – they was no way they were going to play ball with him.

Russell-Jay:Gould moved too FAST and didn’t alert the upper echelon or Non Commissioned Officer and Chain of Command of the Military that this happened so they could get behind him and thank him for saving the Country from the Britain takeover and the New World Order apparatus attempts to conquer the planet – the BAD Guys just quickly kicked Russell-Jay:Gould to the side and placed the Federal Reserve in the Post Master General’s position in Washing D.C. and they chose a NEW Postmaster General – this is all chronicled in the Congressional record. This is all to be found in the 1999 Government Reformation Act. The Government needed to be restructured anyway because it was the end of the THIRD and FINAL International Bankruptcy.

We KNOW that this was a planned TAKEOVER attempt of Great Britain because the Amero was sitting there waiting to be our new currency – which on the Amero it says “Union of North America”. This was PRIOR to the end of the Third and Final International Bankruptcy in 1999. They had the Amero all set to go – this was a PLANNED EVENT. The new money was 100% ready to go.

People have NO clue how close we were to being surrendered. Russell-Jay:Gould stopped this in its tracks. Can you imagine the surprise looks of all those bastards? Just the look on their faces and to see their jaws drop would be priceless! ONE single man outsmarted the entire Deep State Cabal.

Anyway – when this happened they didn’t want to play ball with him. They were pissed off.

All of these groups the P2 Mason’s – Knights of Columbus and so forth were all pulling their hair out. How could one man of done this? They were upset. Russell-Jay: Gould was not groomed by the P2 Mason Lodges or any other cult – Knight of Malta – Jesowitz – Russell-Jay: Gould was just a true American. He was just a guy from Wyoming who was smarter than all the rest and figured this out and knew exactly what to do and how to fix everything.

They wanted him OUT of their way. There was no way to control this guy. They couldn’t blackmail him like they do everyone else. You can’t pin pedophilia on him like the Clinton’s, Obama’s and Podesta’s. All he has done is good and set up the Global System to correctness.

They didn’t want to let him take over because he wasn’t going to adhere to their standard operating procedures but he had his own and they were going to have to adhere to his. Russell-Jay:Gould despises their entire belief structure. So there was NO way that he was going to be allowed to take over – which was 100% his right.

They didn’t want to accept that he saved America from being taken over by THEM from the Third and Final International Bankruptcy and that he did everything correct – Captured the Flag – Legged into the United Nations – Declared a Sovereign – Legged back in to take control of the District of Columbia – and so forth.

At this point Russell-Jay:Gould mails himself around the world and sets up this entire global construct. So he was going to open his own Government up and in the process take the old one down. The last thing that Russell-Jay:Gould did was in 2012 – 12 years after the all the beatings and torture he went through – after NO one being told by Congress that this had happened. We need a new Congress and Senate and need to construct ideas for a how to choose our new Presidents.

So instead of going with what Russell-Jay:Gould created they brought the Federal Reserve in here.

So on December 21, 2012 Commander & Chief Russell-Jay:Gould and David-Wynn:Miller went down and opened up the Benjamin Franklin Post Office in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Now when you look at Washington D.C. you have Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction of the Sea because it belonged to the King of Great Britain. That is how they run the Country under Admiralty Maritime Law of the Sea, everybody is considered a little boat or little vessel or piece or cargo that is presumed missing, dead or lost at sea – this is the law of the Sea. Russell-Jay:Gould goes down to Philadelphia – which is the Civil Jurisdiction – the Law of the Land and opens up the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Post Office which had been closed down at the start of the American Revolution and it couldn’t be opened back up because they owed 1.6 Million Francs to the French because of bankruptcy – bankrupt people can’t contract so they weren’t allowed to open up that Post Office so Great Britain had to come in and put their post office in D.C. So by opening up the Philadelphia Post Office he took the ENTIRE Government System back down to the original location and he took that Title IV Flag and posted it up at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By doing this – since the birth certificate system ended – he now presents everybody with a claim of a life so now he is shipping you out of the land of dead and back to the land where the Blood testifies to the Life. By doing this – it reconstitutes the entire Government again in the proper manner under the Title IV correct flag using the correct syntax grammar to establish all of his systems of Government on this planet for you to conduct commerce here in the United States. So there are NO more laws, rules and regulations to the old system. They have All been disqualified.

So in 2017 Commander & Chief Russell-Jay:Gould goes back to the IRS in Washington D.C. and since the building was supposed to have left the United States at the end of the Third and Final International Bankruptcy in 1999 – IRS which was the collection agency for the debt had to be kicked out of the Country because the bankruptcy had come to an end. So the Federal Reserve should have ended as well – but because it didn’t leave and it sat there 17 years operating in a Fraudulent manner, Commander & Chief Russell-Jay:Gould goes to the Federal Reserve and says “Hey, why is this building docked on my land?” I am levying a fine against you – so he levied a fine against the Federal Reserve Board of Governors for having their building or vessel docked on his property and the fine was 17 MILLION TONS of GOLD that he wants to use to assist Mr. Donald J. Trump and Secretary of Defense – then (James Mattis), now Mark Esper, and the rest of the Military and the People of this Country to resubstantiate the Government here – back the Nation up and create a NEW Monetary system under his bank and place the values backed by Gold. He has been trying hard to get Donald J Trump’s attention to try to let him know what he is doing, he is trying to give Mr. Trump a Flag and say hey “I authorize what it is you’re doing and I am behind you with the clean out.”

This is something he tried doing in 1999 – cleaning this New World Order Apparatus out in 1999 but couldn’t do it because he didn’t alert the Military Chain of Command so no one knew what he had done so the Deep State kicked him to the curb and kept moving forward with their devious plans. Donald J Trump is finally trying to clean this Deep State out of Washington D.C.

This is the largest National Security Secret in the History of this Nation if not the World itself.

Everything is ALL chronicled in the Presidential papers and the Congressional records – it’s all there. You can find it there.

The Navy Seals are yelling for all the former Special Operation boys to get involved. To current military personnel and past – get involved someway – somehow to fix this. Well, it’s already been FIXED and has been for 17 years and just not accepted and implemented.

This gentleman is a National Hero and deserves a Metal of the Highest Honor. He saved the Country, he saved the Flag and saved us from surrendering to Britain from a Domestic takeover that NO one saw coming. When the Attorney Generals and the rest of the people here in the United States gets a hold of this story and they do the research on the Three International Bankruptcies of the United States and they see how this apparatus works – they are going to come to the conclusion that this is all true. It is literally staring us right in our faces and has been for 17 years. This gentleman deserves a metal of the highest honor and is a National Hero!!

What’s going to happen if the United States doesn’t adopt this new Quantum System?

Because it has it’s own Elemental Chart and Periodic Tables this thing was considered Genius by the Department of Energy. If the United States does not adopt this system of grammar to create contracts on this planet the BAD guys will.  If those guys start creating contracts and subject the United States to their Whims and their Wills in relation to this construct – they will CRUSH us. The laws will be Iron Clad, Regulations will be iron clad – However, if they don’t have Commander & Chief’s Russell-Jay:Gould’s thumbprints on those documents to substantiate the executive authority required to legitimize documents – they will be NO good and will be considered Illegal. They cannot get around the Elemental Chart and Periodic Table. It will be difficult for them to disqualify such a platform. That said: If we don’t adopt this – they will and they will force their way just like they always have – someway – somehow.

What about the Yellow Fringe on the Flag?

No flags in the world have a yellow fringe around them. NONE of them in their copyright and patent have a yellow fringe in them.

The yellow fringe denotes that it has been captured by a shipping war.
The Yellow Fringed Flag doesn’t have a Nation because the sea is not a nation. It is not registered as a nation with the United Nations.

All flags around the world are registered with the United Nations. The fringe has been added because everything has been captured by the shipping war, but the shipping war is based on maritime of the Sea, so the yellow fringed flag doesn’t have a nation because the sea is not a nation – the sea is not registered as a nation or with the United Nations.

The Yellow Fringe is a desecration of the flag. It says this in the Army regulations.

When Russell-Jay: Gould captured the Title IV flag he removed the yellow fringe from the flag.

In other words he destroyed the International Maritime of the Sea when he took it over. He removed the yellow fringe off of it because he has captured the shipping war and released everyone from it and shipped them back to shore here in the United States.

The yellow fringed flag is a flag of the Sea – your Admiralty of Maritime of the Sea and if you are at land you are committing on land piracy (robbery). The sea is nothing so the yellow fringed flag is nothing. Basically it is a corporation and they are using the flag to say that we the people are basically “lost at sea” - which means we the people have nothing and are nothing. So they (corporations) are claiming that we the people do not inhabit the land but tend to place us in boats and vessels out in the sea. So once again – the yellow fringe flag is a flag of the sea – it is a flag of NOTHING – it means NOTHING. The Corporation is using this flag in Violation – because it is supposed to be used at SEA – so they are using it against the people as an act of warfare saying your all bogus – saying you should all be on boats. That flag is ONLY good at sea and if they are using that flag on LAND they are committing on land PIRACY. So this huge Corporation (Global Elite) is nothing but a FAKE – they are nothing more than PIRATES and they are committing on land PIRACY. They have declared everyone else to be a vessel or cargo that they can rape and pillage – they are literally a group of Pirates.

Robert Leroy Horton – PART II 

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END of War Castles – Military Insider – Robert-Leroy:Horton – Updated Version.

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  1. I suppose this is why in the Presidents speech a few days ago there were 17 flags w/out the fringe!

  2. We noticed this also, but the next day the fringe was back. It DEFINITELY represented something huge that happened. It could of had something to do with the new King of England and the FAKE Queen and her fake family going into hiding.

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  4. How did Lincoln borrow from IMF when they were formed in 1944? Was there a different IMF ?

    1. That's just one of a myriad of inconsistencies here. This is fallicy, pure and simple, offered without a shred of proof or true justification. The proof of all of this must be provided in order for it to have any credence what-so-ever. In fact, this entire argument made here is fundamentally flawed because it attacks the basic human right to enter into contract.

      He is saying in the theory that he changed our language, and that all contracts, even the ones written before this change, must be interpreted in his language; regardless of the fact that the contracts were created before he invented the language.

      That's like declaring a person guilty of a crime that they committed while the action were still completely legal.

      It's not fair play.

      It's bad faith.

      It's a violation of a fundamental tenet of every society and faith on earth that you don't change the rules in the middle of the game.

      Were his train of thought to be enforceable, it would be every bit as unjust under natural law as the concept of primae noctis. It would make us all slaves.

      I have every right to enter into contract with my fellow man, and to have that contract respected and interpreted in the language under which it is written.

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